Welcome to Tora Jō Dōjō!

My name is Nina “Ryōzanpaku Tiger” Shokina. I practice karate since 1990, Shōtōkan karate since October 1st, 1991. Currently I have 5th dan (Japan Karate Association).

Tora Jo Dōjō is my personal dōjō, located at my home. I am a member of Ryōzanpaku Dōjō (lead by Schaltt Sensei) and Karate Dōjō Freiburg.

The nickname “Ryôzanpaku Tiger” was given to me by Schlatt Sensei.

I train every day and I have two great uchi-deshi (7 kyū and 2nd kyū). Currently I teach in Karate Dōjō Freiburg on Tuesdays, 18:30-20:00.

My online training diary can be found in Twitter (@RyozanpakuTiger). Sometimes (quite rarely) I post photos in Instagram (@RyozanpakuTiger). My Facebook account RyozanpakuTiger is active, but rarely updated.

This website Tora Jo Dōjō is my personal website devoted to karate, mostly to Shōtōkan style of karate.