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My name is Nina "Ryôzanpaku Tiger" Shokina. I practice Shôtôkan karate since 1991, currently 4th dan JKA (DJKB). I train and teach in Karate Dôjô Freiburg and Tora Jô Dôjô.

Tora Jo Dôjô is the name of my karate dôjô, which means "Castle of the Tiger" or "The Place Where the Tiger Lives". This name and the nickname Ryôzanpaku Tiger were given to me by Schlatt Sensei.

This website is devoted mostly to Shôtôkan karate, but also to martial arts in general. The content from my blog on the Blogger Tora Jo Dôjô will be moved eventually here.

The main language is English, but also Russian and German languages are used.

Ryôzanpaku Tiger