Some notes on Heian Nidan (平安二段)

Some notes on Heian Nidan (平安二段)

Karate Dôjô Freiburg. Ryôzanpaku Tiger's kata training on Friday, 01.02.2013, 20:00, Merian-Schule

Topic of kata training on Friday, 01.02.2013, 20:00, Merian-Schule: Kankû Dai (観空大).

Some notes on Kankû Dai (観空大)

I provide the names of techniques as well as their numbers according to the book of Nakayama Masatoshi "Best Karate. Vol. 6. Bassai, Kankû". Kodansha International, 1979. If some other names are used, then the source is provided.

Ten no kata (天の形)

Ten no kata (天の形) - "Kata of Heaven" ("Небесная форма").

Ten no kata was most probably created by Funakoshi Yoshitaka. Possibly Funakoshi Gichin and some other karateka (??? Egami Shigeru, Hironishi Genshin, Kugimiya Y. (I am still trying to find the first name) ???) have worked on this form. Ten no kata was created in the late 1930s and definitely before 1941, as in 1941 the foldout "Dai Nihon Karate Do Ten no Kata" ("Great Japan Karate Do, Ten no Kata") was published as a supplement to that year's edition "Karate-Dô Kyohan" by Funakoshi Gichin.


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