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Some notes on Kankû Dai (観空大)

I provide the names of techniques as well as their numbers according to the book of Nakayama Masatoshi "Best Karate. Vol. 6. Bassai, Kankû". Kodansha International, 1979. If some other names are used, then the source is provided.

yoi - look straight, do not look down to the "triangle"

1. ryô shô kasaneta mama hitai naname ue ni - when the "triangle" starts to move continue to look straight. Only when the triangle reaches the line sight, look through it and follow till the final position. This is a slow and powerful movement.

2. ittan ryô shô sayû ni hiraki, ryô shô kafukubu mae e - strongly and powerfully open arms, but don't make a pause here, immediately continue to move arms slowly and powerfully to the next position.

3. hidari haiwan hidari sokumen jôdan uke, migi shô mune mae kamae

4. migi haiwan hidari sokumen jôdan uke, hidari shô mune mae kamae - this movement and movement 3. are performed fast and strong.

5. hidari tate shutô chûdan uchi uke, migi ken migi koshi - the block is done with shutô, do not stretch the fingers forward.

To be continued..