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Jitte (十手)

Jitte (十手) - "Ten hands" ("10 рук").

There are several explanations of the name. 1) the techniques of the kata gives you a strength of ten men, 2) the techniques of the kata allows to fight again ten opponents, 3) the name of the kata comes from the name of the old weapon jitte (or jutte). Andre Bertel states in his blog that Asai Sensei said "the real meaning of Jitte is that there are ten practical fighting applications within this kata. But all of these use the body heavily but with the limbs light".

It is said that a Chinese castaway taught Jitte together with some other katas in the Tomari region on Okinawa. Funakoshi Sensei could possibly learn this kata from Itosu Anko Sensei.

The techniques of Jitte can be used again bo or jô (long staff or short staff). And, moreover, Jitte can be performed with bo or jô in your hands.

Some notes on Jitte (十手)

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Jitte performed by Enoeda Keinosuke in the JKA kata film (1960)
Imura Takenori Sensei - Jitte with bunkai

Information about jitte (jutte) weapon:
Video about jitte weapon