Kankû Dai

Karate Dôjô Freiburg. Kata Training des Ryôzanpaku Tigers am Freitag, 01.02.2013, 20 Uhr, Merian-Schule

Thema des Kata Training am Freitag, 01.02.2013, 20 Uhr, Merian-Schule: Kankû Dai (観空大).

Some notes on Kankû Dai (観空大)

I provide the names of techniques as well as their numbers according to the book of Nakayama Masatoshi "Best Karate. Vol. 6. Bassai, Kankû". Kodansha International, 1979. If some other names are used, then the source is provided.

Kankû Dai (観空大)

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